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    Darky, our Stereo ePSG soundcard with effect processor. Contains 3 stereo mixers, two AY8930 Enhanced PSG's, an advanced Spin FX01 programmable effect processor and two processors working together to control all the logic. Our most advanced product yet. Update dec 2021: Please note that since we depleted our stock of cartridge enclosures, new orders will...

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  • Doramus Drum Interface for Guitar Hero Drums. MSX TurboR only.

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    Franky PCB Only. For building your own Sega VDP cartridge. Build instructions can be downloaded on this page below.

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    MIDI-PAC2 translates PSG and MSX-MUSIC sound data to MIDI in real-time. Please understand that, because of high demand, and long manufacturing time that delivery may take some weeks up to a few months. We promise you it's worth the wait. 

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    Modulon - our stackable slotexpander with 3D printed casing and volume controls. Due to high demand this product is now in back-order. We expect to continue shipping in January. Modulon new batch is now being assembled (Update 16 jan 2022). Of course you can continue to order to secure yours!

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    Neotron - The Neogeo OPN soundcard for MSX. It plays Neogeo and other OPN soundfiles with VGMPlay. The multiplatform tracker Deflemask can output to vgm so you can play your own creations too on MSX. Laurens Holst (Grauw) made code to use vgm files in your own MSX software.  Please allow a few weeks before delivery. Currently (25-11-2021) in stock!

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    PlaySoniq - The Multi-expander for MSX It is now possible to order the product to secure your copy. Please allow 8~12 weeks for ordering the pb's, final assembly, testing and shipping. We will do our best to speed up delivery. 

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items